12 Clear Signs God Is Protecting You From a Toxic Relationship

Are you starting to develop feelings for someone, but it seems like there’s always something getting in the way of your relationship? It’s frustrating because you want to bring stuff to a higher level, but things don’t go your way. But what if God is keeping you shielded from a toxic relationship?

If you’re someone with a strong faith in God, remember that things do happen for a reason. Perhaps the Lord is interfering with your plans because He knows that the relationships will only lead to misery and heartaches.

Here are some clear signs that God is protecting you from a toxic relationship!

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1. The other person has habits you don’t like

The person you start developing feelings for (or maybe you’re already there) is nice to you, and you feel attracted to them. But what if they have certain habits that you don’t agree with? When this happens, it may be a sign that she or he isn’t the one.

If they are into unhealthy hobbies, such as gambling, partying, or too much alcohol, consider it a red flag. The spirit of God in you is telling you this isn’t what you should settle for. Thank the Lord if you’ve discovered these bad habits as early as possible.

2. You see the person’s negative traits early on

Aside from unhealthy habits, you should also be cautious about the negative traits of the person you like. One of the common issues in failed marriages is the inability of the partners to know the true colors of their spouses earlier.

Some people do a great job hiding their bad traits during the early stages of relationships. So, if you’ve started to notice the rotten character traits of the person you’re dating, be thankful. God has shown you the type of person you’ll be dealing with. Don’t be sad; just move on with your life away from that person.

3. Other people who know the person warn you against them

Other people’s opinions shouldn’t dictate your life, but when several voices are telling you bad things about the person you’re dating, something is definitely off.

Be thankful if God uses other people to warn you about a potential partner that may make you suffer. It’s a sign that the Lord is protecting you from toxic relationships. Those who are truly concerned about you and care about you won’t badmouth the person you like if it’s not for your good.

4. You hear about their bad relationship record

In connection with No. 3, if certain things related to the person’s previous relationships reach your ears, be cautious. Has someone told you about their messed-up past? If this person is known to have had short-term relationships that failed for the same reasons, you better watch out.

If that’s the case, the person you’re dating obviously won’t tell you they were the problem. They may even try to lie or manipulate you, saying it was their ex’s fault. So, if reliable people tell you about the pattern of this individual’s past relationships, be wise enough to listen.

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5. The person has an obvious anger management issue

Another red flag that you shouldn’t ever ignore when it comes to the first stage of a relationship is the other person’s anger problems. If, as early as now, you have noticed how awful and traumatizing they can be once angry, run away as soon as possible.

God is showing you that this person will only bring trouble and sorrow into your life. You wouldn’t want to build a family with someone who threatens your safety, security, and peace with their hot temper.

6. Your friends and family don’t like them

Do you feel bad that your loved ones aren’t giving the person you’re dating a chance? Have they been brutally honest with you, telling you that they don’t like that individual for you?

Of course, it hurts to hear things like this because you want your friends and family members to like the person you’re with. However, it may hurt you now, but you should know that they only want what is best for you. Through them, the Lord is telling you that you deserve better.

Be grateful for having people who care so much about you that they won’t tolerate your wrong decisions.

7. They cannot manage their finances well

This may not seem like a red flag in the early stages of relationships, especially if the other person is telling you it’s “just a phase.” However, you shouldn’t overlook this shortcoming because it may indicate a pattern that you don’t want to be dealing with in the future.

If the person you’re dating is bad at handling finances, or worse, they’re not capable of saving a penny because they spend everything they’ve earned that month on leisure, run away.

If the Lord has let you discover this as early as now, don’t be blinded, but be wise enough to save yourself from future sorrow and headaches.

8. When you pray about them, there doesn’t seem to be any peace

Have you been praying about the person and your future relationship with them? How does the Lord respond to your prayers? If joy and peace are absent whenever you mention them to God, perhaps He has a better plan for you.

The divine spirit will give you peace if you’re praying about something within God’s will. If the person you’re dating is meant for you, you’ll feel it. Be honest with yourself and listen to God, as He’s always talking to you.

9. They don’t treat their family right

How does that person treat their family members? Whether it’s parents, siblings, or children, something could definitely be wrong if they are not close to them, or worse, don’t even seem to care about them. The worst is when you’ve seen the person you’re dating disrespect their family members.

Do you really want a person like this in your life? If you’ve noticed this behavior, choose to walk away from that relationship. God doesn’t want that person for you.

10. They don’t meet the godly standards for a good partner

The Bible tells us what a godly partner looks like. Many Scriptures outline the specific traits that a good wife or husband should have. For example, the Bible gives its descriptions of love, and we all know the famous verse describing this complex emotion.

If the person you like cannot love you with patience, selflessness, hope, and humility, then their love isn’t from God.

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11. The person is distracting you from your commitment to God

It’s a no-brainer that the Lord doesn’t want you to date a person who will steal your love and passion for Him. If the other person doesn’t share the same love for the Lord that you do, they’re not right for you.

God wants you to be with someone whom you can spiritually connect with, sharing a devotion to the One who created us. That is why if the person you date is causing you to miss your time with the Lord and church activities, they are obviously bad for you.

12. You’re drawn to temptations because of them

If you’re facing temptations because of this “special” person, they may not be as special as you think. When this happens, you should check if you’re still doing the Lord’s will.

The right person will draw you closer to Him—not farther. If they are causing you to sin now, think about how the future will look. Do you think the person you like will help you grow spiritually? Or are you going to lose faith and the commitment to serve God because of them?

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