7 Ways We Can Express Gratitude To God

Most of the discussions around God are all about how to be more like Jesus, and this usually involves Bible reading, prayer, and fellowship with others. But there is one thing that is always overlooked: we need to show our gratitude to God. 

Being grateful is one of the biggest proofs of faith, and it is the best way to show God that you are thankful for everything He has given you. We all, as Christians, should develop a sense of gratitude in all our daily practices. 

And this thankfulness and gratitude do so much more than you can’t even imagine. When you are happy with everything that you have, it is kind of hard to be sad. This will make your life so much better in so many ways. 

Read on, and let’s discover together some ways to show gratitude to God. Learn how to show gratitude daily! 

#1 Keep a journal

Maybe you have heard about journaling before. This is a popular exercise that is used by many people because it is one of the most effective ways to learn more about yourself. But did you know that you can show gratitude to God by using this method? 

Yes, you can start to become more grateful in your day-to-day life by starting a gratitude journal. All you have to do is grab a notebook and write down all the gifts you have received each day. Besides this, you can also have a section of the journal where you can describe all of the things you are grateful for. 

Our mind does this when we tend to forget the good things we have in life. Many times, we ignore the little things that we have and only see the ugly, bad things. But if you have a gratitude journal, it will remind you every single day about the good things that you have from God. 

#2 Perform acts of service 

One of the best ways to show gratitude to God is to use the blessings He has given you and try to help others. God will be more than happy to see that you care about those around you, and He will understand that you are thankful for everything He gave you. 

This means helping those who are less fortunate than you, and it might also mean discovering your talents and giving back to the world through them. For example, if you have been blessed with wealth, you can donate money to a good cause or start a non-profit organization that helps those who are fortunate. 

Or let’s say that you are a great listener and you do an amazing job when someone who is in pain wants to talk to you. You can use this gift and always try to comfort those around you. Or even better, if you feel like this is your calling, you can become a counselor. 

#3 Try mindfulness

Maybe you think that there is no way that mindfulness is one way to show gratitude to God. But first of all, let’s make it clear and see once and for all what mindfulness is. This is the practice of becoming fully aware of what is happening around you and also of the present. It is all about living the moment with all the things it brings to you. Isn’t this something that God wants us to do? 

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by the events of your life. Just be prepared when they happen and go with the flow. We are all capable of doing this. We only have to learn how to access this resource God gave us. 

You can meditate, and this will help you learn the technique of mindfulness. While you meditate, you can take advantage of this moment and show gratitude to God. Thank Him for all the blessings and all of the things He has bestowed on you and your family. 

#4 Prayers

Of all the ways you can communicate with God, praying is the most common and also the best one. It is a “tool” He gave us so we can reach Him. By praying, we will strengthen our faith and also directly communicate with God. He listens to any prayer, and all you have to do is believe in Him and His word. 

So, this is an incredible way to show gratitude to God. While you are praying, take a moment to thank Him for everything he has provided you, and also thank Him for answering all of your prayers. 

Many verses in the Bible encourage us to keep praying. For example, Philippians 4:6 says that every time we pray, we should show Him our gratitude and thankfulness and make sure that He knows exactly what our request is. 

#5 Be consistent

We live a hectic life, and this can really impact the way we do our day-to-day activities. Sometimes it seems like we have no more time left for ourselves or for God. Time seems to pass too quickly, and you feel like you can’t even save a minute to make some time for praying or keeping your spiritual connection in general. 

But one thing you should know is that you need to be consistent when you decide to show gratitude to God. This is the best way, and for that, you will need to learn to make time for God in your life. No matter what, try to spend at least 10 minutes giving thanks and praying. 

Using the technology we have today can be useful in this situation. Set an alarm that will remind you that it is time to be grateful that day. This is an easy trick that will help you big time in the long run. 

#6 Don’t feel entitled about your blessings

It is in our human nature to be proud of our achievements and feel like all of them are based solely on our efforts. While this is as normal as it can be, you should not forget that God was there and that He had helped you achieve everything that you have. 

It is ok to be happy with what you did and be tankful to yourself, but first of all, you need to be tankful to God. Without him, all of these things wouldn’t have been possible. Being aware that He was there and helped you with everything is one way to show gratitude to God. 

Sure, you can get credit for everything you have achieved, but all you have to do is recognize the presence and help of God. Look up in the Bible, and in Proverbs 22:4, you will find this: “Humility is the fear of the Lord; its wages are riches, honor, and life.” 

#7 A gratitude collage

If you are into DIY, you should know that you can use this skill He has given you and show gratitude to God. This can be a fun thing to do, and you can gather together with your family and do this as a group activity. 

Get all of the materials you might need, and all of you can make a collage that will contain the things each of you is grateful for. Religious imagery, family pictures, Bible verses—you can use anything that crosses your mind and is suitable for this. 

This exercise is a great and fun way to show gratitude to God and will help you visualize the things you are grateful for and put them first in your mind. After this, you can hang the collages around your house so anyone from your family can see them. 

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