12 Subtle Signs God Wants You With Someone

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I think we can all agree that everyone wants to love and be loved, as love is the ultimate need that each and every one of us has to meet until the end. But, unfortunately, this life isn’t only made out of luck. And many people searching for their true love end up being heartbroken because the person they chose wasn’t the right choice for them.

For those of us who are devoted Christians, relying on God’s wisdom is the best thing we can do when it comes to finding the right person. Faith is the thing that keeps us serene, as we know that we’ll marry someone according to God’s will for us.

If you need the wisdom to figure out whether your relationship is God-approved or not, check out these signs that He truly wants you to be with your partner:

Your Partner is rich in Christ-like qualities

If you can see that your girlfriend or boyfriend has some character traits that clearly reflect Christ in their lives, then this is the first sign that God favors that person. As His child, God doesn’t want you to end up with someone with many issues and who is completely untrustworthy.

Even more, He wants you to be with someone who has integrity, accountability, and maturity. God wants you to find someone who can have a good influence on your life, that helps you grow and follow the Christian path you have to follow. No one else can help you stay on the right Christian path than a Christian.

You feel comfort and peace when that special someone is around

Another sign that God might send you to let you know that you and your partner are definitely meant to be is the peace you feel when you’re with them. This means that you are comfortable enough to be yourself around your significant other.

It’s very important not to feel restrained in any way, to have 0 inhibitions, and to make sure that you want to marry that individual someday. And speaking of, when it comes to marriage, make sure you listen to your heart and choose the person that makes you feel relaxed, good about yourself, and at peace.

The two of you have a strong friendship before the relationship

There is one good sign that God trusts you and your partner for great companionship. If you and your partner have started as good friends, you are extremely blessed. The most successful relationships and marriages often start with friendship, and you’ve probably heard this before.

But why does it work like this? Why is it so much better and two lovers are happier when they are friends first? Well, it allows the couple to get to know each other very well before committing to love one another. So if your partner is also your best friend, then you’re the luckiest person in the world!

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You know there is true love between you

If you’re a true Christian, you know very well that God would have never wanted for you to be stuck in a relationship that isn’t filled with true love. So, if you feel like your love for each other is unconditional, selfless, and goes beyond physical attraction and intimacy, then congratulations!

You are lucky enough to have fallen in love with someone who feels the same and shares a special bond together. The real thing will always feel good, and healthy, and will help you raise when you’re feeling down. Even more, real love won’t make you feel bad about yourself.

The person next to you is the answer to your prayers

If you feel like the person next to you is the answer to all your prayers, then this is definitely a sign. God listens to all of our prayers, and if they are according to His will, God will make sure they become reality.

Did you pray for someone with godly qualities? Because if your partner fits the checklist, then it’s safe to say that our Lord and Father took good care of your prayers! Remember that He always listens and knows exactly what you need and when you need it. Never lose your faith in Him and His will!

The people around you are in favor of your union

Another sign that might tell you he/she’s the one is that the people around you feel at peace about your relationship. If it’s the right person, be sure that God has given your family, friends, and spiritual family assurance that you will be in good hands now.

He is the one who really orchestrated your love story, and everything He does for you will come as a blessing in your life. If you make room for God in your relationship, make sure that it will be protected and nourished by His love and affection. You and your significant other should feel lucky.

Your relationship makes you better individuals

If you have become a better person, then be sure that your relationship was heaven-sent. If the two of you have become better individuals separately and as a couple, then this is the best sign that you are good together. Never doubt your relationship with your significant other, as finding someone that takes the best out of you is definitely worth loving.

This person helped you become spiritually mature

God wants what’s best for you, so He’ll always send someone who will help you get closer to Him. If your boyfriend or girlfriend encourages and reminds you to seek God’s will every day, you should be thankful. That person has helped you become a better Christian.

Your traits complement each other

If you feel that your personalities are perfectly matched, then you’re in the right relationship. Also, if you noticed that your strengths and weaknesses complement each other’s perfectly, then never let it go.

If the answer is yes to both questions, you can be sure that you are a match made in heaven. God blessed you with a partner who is capable enough to make up for what you can’t and vice-versa, and that’s the most beautiful thing about love.

To find someone who complements you in a way you could never be, and make your life easier, is the gift of Love that God wanted all of us to have.

You share the same ministries

A blessed relationship will end up in a marriage that will build a family that serves and cherishes God altogether. If you and your partner belong to the same ministry, that’s a perfect sign for you to know that you’re well matched. The same goes if your ministries are related to each other.

The two of you have the same goal: to put God at the center of your lives

If you and your significant other strive to make God the center of your relationship, He will be pleased. Rest assured that you have His favor if you are both trying to live godly lives. Naturally, this also means keeping your relationship pure and a blessing to God and the ones around your union.

You can see yourself growing old with this person

If God has given you the power to envision yourself with this person, this is the right choice. If you can see yourself married and with kids with your partner, then this is it.

It means that your heart and mind are at peace with the idea and that you know from the bottom of your heart that this is the right thing to do. And don’t worry, if God is against your relationship, He would have warned you about it. That would be bothersome.

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