6 Signs Your Deceased Loved One Is Still With You

The Daily Bible Message presents: signs your deceased loved one is still with you!

Do you ever sense that you’re not alone, even though the person you love is no longer with you?

It’s never easy to experience the loss of a loved one, whether it be a friend or family member, especially considering how much we cherish our close ones and how hard it can be to deal with the pain that follows all of the funeral rites. Sadly, it’s a part of life’s cycle, and all we can do is try to go on and cherish the memories and hold on to them because they will last forever.

However, God knows how deeply you care about your special someone, and he lets your deceased loved one come and visit you when you need it. It’s true that even though someone is no longer with you on this planet, it doesn’t mean they left you for good.

People talk about experiencing several signs that a deceased loved one visits them, some of which seem more real than others. I’m sure you’re wondering how that’s even possible or how you can tell you have a spiritual presence in your home, so in today’s article, we’re going to talk about all the signs your deceased loved one is still with you. Let’s begin!

Have you ever had a visitation from a deceased loved one? Tell us in the comments below!

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1. You have dreams about your deceased loved one

While many people try to give a rational explanation for this situation, saying that the reason you always dream about your deceased loved one is because you miss them, it might be more than that.

Others claim that dreams aren’t always just dreams, but connection opportunities for those who can no longer be with one another on a physical level. God knows how lonely you might be feeling sometimes, and he tried to support you and show his care by letting the spirit of the person you miss visit you in your dreams.

Maybe the spirit of your deceased loved one tries to let you know they’re doing fine and they’re still with you. Some religions, including Christianity, claim that the dream’s interpretation tells you whether the loved one’s soul is in a good or bad place. If that’s the case, these beliefs say that you should act kindly in their honor.

2. You feel them close to you

Do you know that when you have a hard time, you say a little prayer and ask God for guidance, and you feel better afterward? It’s like, all of a sudden, you experience a warm feeling; you can swear that a divine presence is near you, and it’s easier to get past that situation.

You can experience something similar with a deceased loved one. Of course, we know that when people leave this world, their souls go to heaven or hell, depending on how the person was during their lifetime.

However, some believe that feeling your lost loved one is a sign that they’re happy wherever they are. Others say that it’s also a message from divinity, letting you know that the person you love is guiding you from above.

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3. You smell your deceased loved one’s scent

We’ll move on to something a bit spooky now, but it is very interesting, so keep reading to discover another sign your deceased loved one is still with you. Many people use a couple of fragrances or colognes throughout their lives, so it’s quite easy to associate a specific aroma with someone you love.

If you’re out and about and you suddenly notice a familiar smell that reminds you of your deceased loved one, take it as a sign from God that the person you loved is still close to you. Some people say that they felt the cigarette smoke and even a favorite meal of the person they lost, and it reminded them that they’re not alone.

While this can seem like a simple coincidence, it can also be a sign from God, so it depends on what you choose to believe. Have you ever experienced any signs that your loved one is still with you?

4. You see objects moving

Have you ever had the experience of losing track of something you left behind? Or that something fresh that wasn’t there before enters your path? While this can seem hard to believe, it can be a sign that your deceased loved one wants to let you know that they never left and that they watch over you from beyond.

In some Christian cultures, it’s believed that the soul of a person who leaves the physical world behind can travel for 40 days to every place they’ve ever been. But that’s not all. A few days before burying the body, their family puts a glass of water under the table the body sits on, and the spirit comes and drinks the water to have enough in heaven.

This isn’t technically an object moving, but it’s a sign that God and the spirit of a person who’s no longer with us can work together and let the family know that everything will be okay.

Many people have made several claims about having witnessed their important goods moving, such as jewels or photographs. It’s possible that they were slightly moved or that they vanished from their location and showed up somewhere else. This usually means that the departed person wants you to know they’re not gone and are keeping an eye on you.

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5. You hear specific songs

Music is important for everyone, and the majority of people have a song they find perfect and listen to it all the time. According to popular belief, hearing a song that you both loved and held special importance to you is a sign that your deceased loved one is still present with you.

Many people who have experienced this say that the songs always come to mind when they think of the person they lost, although, of course, others just assume it’s all a coincidence. What are your thoughts on this one? Let us know in the comments below!

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6. You see angel numbers

Many of these signs that your deceased loved one is still present with you can seem taken right out of a cliche book, but as I’ve already said, it depends on you and the things you want to believe in.

Some people say that your deceased loved one might try to get in contact with you through number patterns. Maybe you’ve seen a particular series of numbers popping up everywhere you look. While it might seem like a coincidence at first, it might be a sign that your deceased loved one wants to send you a message or to say hello.

For instance, if the number 24 holds a lot of meaning for the person who’s no longer with you physically and you see it everywhere, take it as a sign from above. People call a string of strangely occurring numbers “angel numbers” and think that their guardian angels or the spirits of departed loved ones are contacting them.

On the other hand, your deceased loved one might not show you common angel numbers that are special to them or you but that carry their special meaning, like 6666, for instance, which is believed to represent self-trust and is seen as an encouragement to face any obstacle that might appear along the way.

What do you think about these signs that your deceased loved one is still with you? Do you believe these are only coincidences, or do you think that God is behind all these weird encounters? Let us know in the comments below!

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