Mary Magdalene’s 7 Demons (and 6 Other Amazing Facts)

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As we know from our Christian beliefs, Jesus was the Son of God. He lived on earth and was crucified on a cross, but eventually, He rose again on the third day.

In biblical times, it was extremely common for women to be treated as if they were “less than.” That’s why the miracle of Christ where He healed those women, spent time with them, reached out, and shared His truth with them is so important, even to this day. Even more, that’s why the life and story of Mary Magdalene is so fascinating, and why it is so important to learn about it.

“Magdalene” was actually used to describe where Mary came from

From what we can understand from the verses that mention Mary, she had lived in Magdala, a name that means “tower”, but also the name of a fishing town on the coast of Galilee, which Jesus once visited.

It was very common during this biblical time for people to have the names of the towns they were from, just like Jesus of Nazareth, Simon of Cyrene, or Mary of Bethany. Over time, Mary of Magdala was known as Mary Magdalene. Because there were questions about her past, the name of Magdalene has been associated with prostitution or adultery.

Even though Mary was freed from 7 demons by Jesus, details about her life are still uncertain and unknown. There is no Bible reference that would suggest she was linked with prostitution or an immoral past.

Mary Magdalene is known to have been set free from seven demons by Jesus

As I mentioned before, the demonic presence in her life has made some people believe that she must have been associated with prostitution, adultery, or even sexual immorality.

In reality, there is no scriptural basis for this, but there is evidence that she has been healed by Christ. She could have had many things: she could have suffered from mental illness, sickness, epilepsy, or any other condition that demon activity might signal its presence.

Also, the number seven has been associated with the idea of “completeness”, and this might suggest that Mary was suffering and struggling a lot. What is interesting is that Jesus healed many people, but only her name is mentioned in the Scripture.

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Mary Magdalene traveled with Jesus and His followers and financially supported their work

Given the fact that Mary Magdalene is amongst the ones who were listed in the Scripture as being wealthy, it is very likely that she helped to fund the needs of the ministry of Jesus.

There is no mention in the Scripture whatsoever about family ties, nor parents, age, and responsibilities from her hometown. As Mary was free to travel and stay alongside Jesus’ followers, it is believed that she had no home or family obligations.

As many of us might know, women were treated extremely differently back then. She probably had a very difficult life, even though it didn’t stop her from serving her Lord and God’s people.

Mary Magdalene has been associated with the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet with perfume

This information is mentioned in all 4 Gospels, but Mary Magdalene isn’t mentioned at all. Only Mary of Bethany is mentioned, or as one of the versions says, an “unnamed woman” whose past is full of sins.

Throughout history, Mary Magdalene’s name has been linked with this story, even though there is no evidence that would support the idea that she is the same woman. The correlation may have also appeared based on the fact that Mary Magdalene had a deep devotion and loyalty to Christ.

Also, it can also be from the fact that she was one of the people who came to His tomb to anoint his body for burial.

Mary Magdalene was a leader among those who believed

She was one of Christ’s followers who had a crucial role. That’s why Mary Magdalene is one of the followers that is named first in the Scripture. Being mentioned in the Bible shows that she was one of the most prominent characters of a particular story or passage.

Her name is also mentioned alongside Mary, Jesus’ mother, and other relatives (John 19:25), but this kind of thing is expected, given the cultural and social customs of that day. Mary’s name was mentioned in 12 different situations in the New Testament.

And unlike any other woman in the Scripture, she was never linked as “the wife of, the daughter, the mother of…” She is simply Mary Magdalene, a follower of Jesus Christ.

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Mary Magdalene was one of the women who remained at the foot of the cross, but also among those who came to the empty tomb early in the morning and found that Christ rose (John 20:1)

It is very clear that Mary was a strong and faithful supporter. She was one of the few people who did not leave when He was arrested and suffering. She remained there, next to Christ at the foot of the cross. And when the time came to bury Him, she was there too.

And when they discovered that the stone rolled away, the Bible said “but Mary stood crying outside the tomb…” John 20:11. There is one thing that is very clear from her life, and that challenges us today: Mary loved the Lord and was a very devoted follower.

When everything seemed to fall apart, starting with the trial and the death of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the other women rose up strong and remained faithful to the end.

Mary Magdalene was the first one to see Jesus after the Resurrection, and He commissioned her to go and tell everyone (John 20:10-18)

The life of Mary Magdalene teaches us an important lesson: to live courageously and to stay faithful to Christ. Her life reminds us that Jesus set us free, and gives our lives great purpose as we live for Him.

While the enemy will try anything to hold us back, to drive us down, or away from God, we must stay strong and fight it. Even if Mary Magdalene battled with seven demons, the enemy didn’t have a final say. And he doesn’t have it now either. Jesus healed her, freed her, and prepared her to tell other people of His power and truth.

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