Christian Views on Retirement: 7 Things the Bible Says About Your Golden Years

Let’s talk about the Christian views on retirement and what the Bible says about your golden years!

Many people are excited about their golden years. The thought of no longer having to work 5 days a week and dealing with lots of stressful situations can seem like a dream, especially if you’re not self-employed and you work for someone.

Understandably, you want to take a step back and enjoy all the little things life has to offer, but what’s interesting is that many people want to know what the Christian views on retirement are.

Does the Bible encourage your golden years? Are there any verses that tell you more about how this period is going to be or what you have to do to make it pleasant?

These are tough questions to answer, but we’ll talk about these Christian views on retirement in today’s article. Before we begin, you have to know that retirement wasn’t a common habit in ancient times, so the Bible doesn’t exactly address it directly.

However, biblical ideas on stewardship, rest, household provision, and the use of gifts and skills can help you make wise retirement decisions, so if you want to know how to be a good Christian retiree, keep reading!

Christian views on retirement
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Retirement is a modern concept

As we’ve already discussed, retirement is a modern concept and isn’t explained directly in the Bible. In biblical times, the majority of people didn’t have modern jobs, and they worked in agriculture or other physically demanding jobs. Moreover, there wasn’t that much money, so people worked until their health couldn’t allow that anymore.

The idea that everybody can start a career, move on to something else after a while, and then leave the workforce behind is a practice that was developed in recent centuries, along with Social Security, pensions, healthcare plans, and other things meant to improve the quality of our lives.

While there aren’t exactly biblical views on someone’s golden years, we can talk about Christian views on retirement because the Scripture speaks about provision, rest, stewardship of resources, and discernment.

God’s glory is always with us, so if we can be better people for ourselves as well as for those around us, we have to at least try! Without further ado, let’s talk about these Christian views on retirement.

1. Rest and provision principles

We start our list of Christian views on retirement by talking about rest and provision principles. We already know that God made humans.
after his image and likeness, and he rested on the seventh day.

We can say that while you can passionately work on a project that you love, it’s important to take a break so that you can relax, restore your energy, and come back stronger.

Something many people fear is a lack of money, especially during your golden years, when many people prefer not to have a side hustle. You might be scared that you’ll run out of money, and you have to figure out a solution. The Bible says that God will always take care of us and our needs, so you should have faith (ask, and you shall receive).

However, this doesn’t mean that you should only pray for the best and not do your part, because it doesn’t work like that. Ask God for help and guidance, and you’ll receive every opportunity and possibility to fulfill your wish.

Since these Christian retirement views are adapted to our modern lives based on the Bible’s teachings, let’s talk about provision and helping those in need.

Many passages, like 1 Timothy 5:3–16, stress the idea that you should care for those who don’t have as many opportunities as you do, such as children who have no families, widows, or homeless people. Make provisions for yourself and your family, but don’t forget to share what you have with those who don’t have enough. God will replenish everything for you; have faith!

Moreover, now that you have more time and a lot of life experience, you can use it wisely and share your knowledge with others, such as children. Invest your time in people, help them become better versions of themselves, and everyone will be happy!

2. Protection and savings and other Christian views on retirement

While the word retirement isn’t mentioned in the Bible, it tells people that planning for the future is a good idea. For example, the proverb 21:20 says that wise people store up “choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.” This can be interpreted in many ways, so we can refer to these provisions in terms of money and assets too.

Even though you trust the divine powers that they’ll help you with everything you need to have a fulfilled life, you can always take it a step further and make sure you take care of everything you need, which means starting to save for a better life as a retiree.

Financial experts say that people should start saving for retirement early since not everyone can live off their Social Security checks. It’s best to set aside at least 10-15% of your income for your golden years so that you won’t miss anything.

You can also use employer-matched retirement accounts, such as 401(k), to your advantage, and don’t forget to set up automatic transfers from your paycheck to your retirement savings, so you’re all set.

Sharing is caring

This might sound like a cliche, but one of these Christian views on retirement says that you should make helping other people a priority. I guarantee you that while you might think you don’t have enough for yourself and your family, giving a bit of what you have to someone who isn’t as lucky as you are will turn back to you.

God will see what you did, and he’ll shower you with love, care, luck, and opportunities to multiply what you have. Have faith, walk on the same path with God, and everything will turn out exactly as you want.

Christian views on retirement
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3. Share your wisdom

These Christian views on retirement are more like things you should do to feel closer to God and to live an incredible life. If you have a gift, such as a talent or an inclination to teach something, or if you have a lot of patience and love working with others, God would probably want you to use that.

Many people feel lost and don’t know what to do, or they need someone to give them a piece of advice, help them with knowledge, or give them tips. That person can be you! You received that gift for a reason, and now that you’re in your golden years and you have more free time, you can give a little bit to others.

You can start volunteering at an animal shelter or a shelter for homeless people; you can donate; you can help build houses for those who don’t have a roof over their heads; or you can teach lessons and share your gift within your community.

If that sounds interesting but you want to treat it more like a side hustle than volunteer work, that’s fine too. You can get a part-time gig, do what you want and like, help people become better versions of themselves, and make some money to have a peaceful retirement.

4. Take care of your family

Whether you’re a man or a woman, your family and your spouse are your responsibility, and you have to work as a team to live the life that you want.

Think of these Christian views on retirement as a way to guide yourself in these potentially uncertain times. They’re not intended to be perceived as strict rules, but more like tips and tricks on how to be happy and fulfilled and how to keep the presence of God in your heart and in your home too.

Speaking of that, many retirees have discovered that the financial aspect is a big part of their golden years, and they have to be prepared for it. Besides having a retirement plan to help you manage your finances, you should also take it a step further, evaluate your expenses, and come up with a retirement budget that is just enough for your household.

Some of the most important aspects you should take into consideration are housing, groceries, transportation, utilities, and health care. After that, it depends on the other things that are important to you, such as travel costs or entertainment opportunities.

Talk to your spouse and other members of the household about what your plans are like, and think of ways you can all do the things you like and have the financial resources to do so. After all, these Christian views on retirement are there to make us feel good and happy, right?

5. Be mindful of your hobbies and plans

Since you have more time on your hands and probably the financial resources to satisfy your needs and desires, many retirees think about traveling and pursuing their dreams during their golden years. And yes, we believe that this can be the perfect time for a wonderful adventure!

If you’ve read the book of Ecclesiastes, you already know that there’s a time for everything in life and a season when you can do just about everything you wish. If you feel like you’ve postponed your wishes, now is the perfect time to do everything you want and make yourself happy.

However, one of the things you should know regarding these Christian views on retirement is that balance is key to everything. So make sure you don’t overindulge and lose yourself in these delayed pleasures; be mindful of the blessings you have; remember that God is always with you and is watching; and be a good person! That’s all.

6. Spend time with the people you love

When people are focused on their careers and the desire to reach their goals and gain financial independence, they sometimes forget to thank God for the things they have, which include their friends and family.

If you noticed that you neglected your friends and family during your work years, consider your golden years as an opportunity to make amends, create memories together, and do all those things you didn’t have time for before.

For instance, you can be present at every important event in your grandkids’ lives, host family reunions, throw parties at your house, ask friends out on coffee dates, spend time with your spouse, and treat your children, but don’t forget about yourself either. Your needs matter too, so take care of yourself, do the things you love, listen to your mind and body, and make yourself happy. You deserve it, especially after so many years of hard work.

Christian views on retirement
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7. Take time to rest

As you’ve already noticed, these Christian views on life are easy to follow, and they’re meant to help you and the people you interact with be more mindful of your surroundings and make a difference in the world.

We’ve talked about how you can use your gifts to help those in need, how to plan for a lovely retirement, and how to put God in everything that you do. Since we’ve previously said that God made the world in six days and rested on the seventh, it’s time to take his actions as an example in your life.

It’s always recommended to check in with yourself and see whether your thoughts and actions make you happy or drain your energy. This is an easy way to determine what’s good in your life and what’s toxic. The divine energy will send you signals regarding this subject, but you’re the one who has to make a choice.

These choices don’t end with your job, but they will stay with you forever, including during your retirement, and now you can choose which things make you happy, relaxed, and fulfilled.

For instance, if you feel like you’ve worked hard your entire life, accomplished all your goals, and now all you want to do is rest and enjoy your life, that’s amazing, and you should listen to yourself.

Don’t be tempted to do something just because you’re supposed to. The Bible tackles this subject too, saying that people should set aside a Sabbath day of rest each week so that their spirits and bodies are recharged and ready to go.

Embrace the relaxation opportunity that God has given you in your retirement. Get all the sleep you need, go for walks, read your favorite books, get creative in the kitchen, shower your friends and family with love, go to church, pray, meditate, volunteer, and do everything that makes you happy.

You don’t have to be productive all the time, because life’s about balance. Consider your golden years as a perfect opportunity to get in tune with yourself and to realign with God’s rhythm of rest and work.

Christian views on retirement – takeaway

These were all the Christian views on retirement that we wanted to talk to you about. You can see that while they weren’t directly addressed in the Bible, many principles can guide your decisions in your golden years, including your finances, health, the relationship you have with yourself and with your friends and family, resting, taking care of your hobbies, and sharing your gifts and time with the world.

Don’t forget that God is always with you, even when it doesn’t seem so. He watches and protects you, but he knows that sometimes you have to do things your way, so he lets you do what you want.

Always put God first and trust his plans, because he’s not going to disappoint you. Do your best to further God’s kingdom, think of your retirement as a blessing, and everything will be fine. If you apply these Christian views on retirement in your life and think of your golden years as a new beginning and not as an end, you’ll be gracefully serving the Lord.

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What do you think about these Christian views on retirement? Do you agree with any of these? What do you think an individual should do to be happy, healthy, and serve the Lord as they should? We’re curious to know your thoughts, so leave a comment below!

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