10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Christian Needs

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Each and every year, before a new year comes, we take a moment and think about all the things we would like to change. Some of us would like to spend more time with our kids and make more memories together.

Others wish to start a new hobby they were always interested in. Whatever it might be, we have to manifest it in the most positive way!

And after we’ve thought about what we would like to change/add to our lives in the year to come, we also shouldn’t forget about our Christian Resolutions.

We should never forget that the Bible is always 100% relevant, and extremely useful for the times we live in, so there’s constantly something we can take from there and apply into our lives. Let’s see 10 Christian New Year’s Resolutions for 2022:

1. Focus on making peace

Getting worked up about things isn’t hard, believe me. What IS hard is trying not to, as many things can easily get to us. People who have done us wrong, family drama, church drama, and so on…Even so, you should always try your best and be the one who brings peace to your community.

Because that’s what God wants from you. Let those rumors pass you by, don’t listen to any gossip, and don’t join the clique. Be an example of integrity and courage. Be the one who brings peace and unity to the table.

2. All the things you do must be pleasing to God

We learned from Jesus that we should only do the things that please our Father. He is our Older Brother and the perfect example for us. So, without reluctance, we should do the things that please our Father.

We weren’t saved and justified so we can do whatever we like in this lifetime. Our salvation will only come with a great price – a price that we should remember with every step we take.

Therefore, as Paul told us, we are not on our own, and we should never believe that.

3. Never forget to do the work of the Lord

While we live in a broken world that often makes it seem completely pointless to do any good work, we should try to put everything into perspective.

Nothing is pointless, because God intended for things to be the way they are. We need to keep on going, keep on standing steady on God’s Word. Nothing we do for Christ is lost.

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4. Triumph is only in Christ

This can only be done by the power of God’s Spirit within you. In order to triumph over depression, bad moods, grumpy attitudes, jealousy, and selfishness…this is a bigger miracle than healing from being sick!

You mustn’t stop from asking God to fill you with His Spirit and walk with obedience and humility. This way, you will begin to triumph in Christ!

5. Sacrifice to God

This is the all-times secret to victory over our sins: to die to self. All our desires, our will, our plans – we should offer ourselves as a sacrifice to God, every day.

By this, I mean we need to give up on our comfort. We have to fight the feeling of wanting to get back at someone who hurt us in the past, wanting to profit from someone else’s situation.

We must fight the need to think only of our own interests. All these selfish desires and habits need to be suppressed, so we can fully transform to the image of Jesus Christ.

6. Walk by faith

Never give up on your faith that God’s Word is the only TRUE thing in this life. Hold on tight to your faith that He will fulfill His Word, on your faith that God will take care of you.

Have faith that He will punish all the sinners, just like He said we will. Have faith that He will guide you every step of the way, and have faith that if you live the life God has given you, and walk by the power of the Spirit, everything you’ll do will be rewarded by Him.

7. Rejoice in the Lord

Life can sometimes be extremely hard. You go through pain, through unexpected trials. But what you must remember every time is that God is with you.

You have the assurance that He loves you. Knowing this, you can rejoice in the midst of any trial because you know that God has your back.

Everything that’s happening to you right now is only to draw you closer to Him and form you into the image of Christ. If you have faith in your heart, you take the example of the apostles who sang hymns at midnight, when they were jailed.

8. Be thankful for everything

Sometimes we forget to be grateful in any given circumstance. But we must remember to go back and give our bodies as a living sacrifice. We should be giving thanks whether we feel thankful or not!

We need to obey in faith, and if you start being grateful regularly for every little thing, you will start feeling more at peace in difficult circumstances. It really works!

9. Let Christ be exalted in my body

When we go to Church, we like to sing about giving it all for Jesus. But when it comes to our bodies, there’s a sudden shift. We take a step backward and do the things that WE want to do. Why is that?

While we have the freedom to do whatever we want, we forget one little detail: when Jesus redeemed us from the curse of death, He paid an immense price!

We should stop taking that so lightly. You might be wondering what do I mean by that. I mean that we need to surrender everything to Jesus and His Lordship – our eating habits, the manner in which we dress, and how we care for our bodies.

10. Stay humble

Humility is a very tricky thing. But what I like to remind myself constantly is that other people’s opinions mean nothing to me. The only thing that really matters to me is what God thinks.

Whether other people think we are good or not, it doesn’t matter at all. We should only consider if God is pleased with us.

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